Friday, January 4, 2013

PES 2013 KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 [Crack] + DLC 3.00

To include the 2v2 player change option in Online Community matches.
We have a very special patch ready for our fans this week, as it includes a lot of changes which are based on our player feedback. These changes range from the 2v2 fix to new goal celebrations, amongst many fixes that were requested directly by our fans.
So let's cut to the chase and have a look at what you can expect from our new 1.03 patch!
  • New multiplayer game mode in Online Community:
Our developers tried to offer a different experience in the online 2v2 matches on our Online Community mode, however it was not what our fans expected. Thanks to all your feedback we are implementing the option to allow our fans to switch players during the 2v2 (and 4v4) Community matches!
  • All new goal celebrations and improved player movements:
To add more flare and excitement to the game, we bring you a new set of celebrations inspired by real players in real matches! Select players in the game will have new ways to celebrate their goals, which will allow you to show off in front of your friends and also continues to build our Player ID feature. We have also tweaked our AI to allow more fluid and intuitive player movements to improve your game experience.
  • Better offside calls from our referees:
Our fans have provided us with constant feedback, and were not completely satisfied with how our referees acted on several offside situations. So new tweaks have been included in the patch to help improve the realism and flow of your matches.
  • PES Total Player to be included in the Patch:
PES 2013 has made history by including for the first time ever a real life fan as a player in our game. After winning the "Enter the Game" event in Madrid, Edu Morillo will be introduced into PES 2013 with his own Player ID and even a special celebration!
  • Better Goalkeeper performance:
As requested by our fans we have improved the performance of our Goalkeepers, especially for those with a rating over 70.
  • General issues fixed:
Several issues in the game have been fixed to improve your overall game experience. These fixed include a matchmaking MLO issue occurring when a guest user was logged in, a better myPES communication and accessibility, several Online Pass issues, COM controlled substitution issues in Community matches and many more!
We would like to also take a moment to thank you all for your great feedback, as it is invaluable in helping us improve the game and more importantly making the changes that matter most to make the game you all deserve!
So remember, whether it's on our webpage, Facebook page or even on Twitter, leave us your suggestions and we will make sure they reach our developer team! You say, we listen!

In order to update your copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, please obtain the update file.For details on the update and its content, visit

There are separate update files for the DVD Version and the Download Version. Please make sure to select the correct file, and please note that you will need to close "Pro Evolution Soccer 2013" before applying the update file.

DVD Version Update File:
Download Version Update File: PES2013_Patch1_03.exe

Crack 1.03:
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DLC 3.00

(thanks Akhademik & Hargo)

* copy to:
- C:\ProgramData\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download (Win Vista/ 7)
- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download (Win XP)


  1. Lâu không vào nghịch pes, cài lại game hay từ đầu, cả nhà cho mình hỏi phát là cài lại 1.01, 1.02 không hay là lên luôn 1.03
    p/s: nếu mà lên luôn thì sợ nó thiếu file ko

  2. Lên lun 1.03 lun. Nhưng ko được dùng patch

  3. the file rld.dll doesn't want to copy !? why is that anyone can help please ??!?!

  4. how to install patch 1.03, crack n DLC 3.00???